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Open Source Modules

Here's what we offer to all participants. Begin with Module 1, 2 and 3 as the introduction. The learning path is modular in nature, where you determine what is important for you! The content has been created by a group of scientists, practitioners and professionals, engaged in Ecology, Music and Autonomy. In order to access all our free web-resources + invitation to the residency, please register here!


published 01.12.2021


published 01.03.2022


published 01.06.2022


published 30.08.2022



published 15.12.2022


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Acquire 200 hours of FREE peer reviewed knowledge with SEED modules and web resources. Autonomy of your career. Building blocks of ecological awareness and a 'planet first' lifestyle. Technical, conceptual and aesthetic realms of music, while exploring new music and possibilities.

The courses are modular in nature, where you determine what is important for you!

Residency -

Spend 3 days at an amazing location (30 hours of interactive courses, hands on learning and expert presentations). Transition towards resilient and sustainable lifestyles​.​​ ​Ecological justice and investment. Learn and collaborate on models which facilitate autonomy and equity. ​​​ Explore music, in terms of it's social, psychological, emotional and technological value.  Harness and utilize the new realms, while stepping beyond the mainstream definitions (limits) of culture and arts. The residency in formation, will host up to 30 participants and a group of facilitators, organized and curated by SEED.

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