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Dear member, welcome to Module 7. 

Advanced learning, story telling, bold new ideas and intelligent fun. Is about potentiality and creativity. Remember, everything is interconnected here. Dive in!




Everything in our world is connected to 'everything else'. That is central to Ecology. Referred as interconnectedness. The great challenge now facing the entire species is to live by this truth. We must reintegrate our fragmented consciousness. Unlearn the unsound and unsustainable lifestyles imposed upon us. Learn to live in harmony within, the larger patterns of life on earth. This disharmony of our Anthropocene (current age) is also pointing to the possibility of extinction. Start by thinking and asking...

What is our relationship with Nature? Or what does Nature mean to us?

The living planet is not just a jungle. That the earth should not be treated as a market. Our oversimplified models of prey and predators or survival of the fittest, of buyers and sellers, winners and losers are flawed. Such Darwinian logic is insufficient as well as dangerous. That Nature is not akin to a competing marketplace, in which all organisms must engage in a struggle for existence. Human beings are made to compete with each other. Or worse, as humans developing processes, that we cannot control anymore.

Men who dominate other men, eventually want to dominate all Nature.

High modernist technology and existentialist philosophy do not help us with ways of coping with the unthinkable. But perhaps thinking about our relationship with Nature proves a better and grounded alternative. When we deal with Nature, we are not just dealing with it from our limited experience or that of some laboratory or scientist, but how we deal with each other, as human beings. A ‘deal’ which makes it sufficiently clear, that like human beings, every living organism and Nature are not objects of endless manipulation and destruction. And how do you deal with Nature?

Ecology and Music

We are merging the two disciplines to create a new pathway. Find 'new meanings'. To awaken our ecological understanding and relationship to Nature. Building blocks of a 'sound model'. The intricate patterns that connect organisms and to the environment, also embody inspiration and information. Thus, ecology and music which usually remain separated, can be combined, for regeneration of human culture. Perhaps even consciousness! This module explores, the ecology of music and the music of ecology.  For you and the community which you nest within. Everyone  can sequence and participate.


Both Nature and Music, are made of intricate patterns. Below we present a simple model to understand the relationship and flow of elements. Many such simple and complex models can be borrowed from Nature into Music. The objective is to experience Music and Nature, with new meaning, at a spiritual and biophysical level.





We spontaneously invent melodies or songs from an early age. An act of natural improvisation? We believe this to be a principle of musicality. A core organizational aspect which cannot be mapped easily but can be enjoyed by musicians and non-musicians alike. The element of improvisation which is present within most music traditions, is also a natural inclination. In that sense, all of us can improvise with music. Probe implicit musical knowledge, at an informal level.


Music 'invented in the moment of performance' is called improvisation. Often it is regarded as a honed skill, reserved for skilled musicians.  Yet there are indications that improvisation is a natural, widespread behavior. Call it a 'chance to uncover' the rules acquired by the general population in everyday music. 

So can all of us improvise? To an extent yes. It is highly rewarding. Our ability to improvise adds up, to musical aspects, such as awareness of harmony, disharmony, rhythm, silence, time, out of time etc. A curious personal space, where cognitive abilities and their underlying biology create, unexpected outcomes as well as musical expression. "Improvisation is a natural activity" (Nature magazine).


The above model explained our natural inclination to probe, leading to a range of creative activities, based on spontaneous action. Formal theory, technique and efficiency often comes later. Hence, improvisation happens while you are live on stage or at home in your studio or even with friends and community. What comes next?

Concept. Call it a notion or unique perception, a theory or original thought. A figurative construct of our imagination, and a companion to the art of improvisation. A concept integrates. It provides a platform, like an ecosystem does. Upon which artists bring all aspects of their creative energy together. Below we present four new examples, each featuring a concept, in terms of a story or sonic impression. We believe that the ability to conceptualize and improvise is more valuable and enriching, than mere technological skill and reproduction.




Our personal level of autonomy equates to our capacity to invest and enrich qualitative values, that we share commonly. Which means, that our capacity or potentiality as an individual and as a community, is defined by our world and not just by our desires. Robust and small society offers greater autonomy and potentiality. It is possible to imagine such societies which are resilient and autonomous. Small individual steps, can even alter the course of history?

Based on simple facts, we can figure what are the major elements which impact our autonomy in positive and negative ways. It is important to do so, because we might be underestimating the external conditions which play a vital role, in defining our freedom. Liberty exists only when we are responsible for our decisions and actions. In this context, we cannot alone depend on technology, technique or spirituality or magic or just decisive action.

Solutions appear when we ask the right questions and form honest grounded opinions. Necessity demands that we are inventive as well as determined. Call it the first step towards personal Autonomy. Discover potentiality. You can be optimist and utopian or pessimist and doomer, but still use reason (self) and empathy (society) to achieve greater autonomy.




At SEED, we believe that society and nature together can benefit, only if there are ecological limits and capacity to think and decide freely. Too many leaders and too many machines does not equate to real freedom. At a conscious level, freedom and cooperation must go hand in hand. 'Freedom from' is very different from 'Freedom to' and in that context, Autonomy helps us find meaning. You ask meaning of what? Meaning of anything you wish to explore or create. Meaning of what you see and feel the world as.  

We are trying to overcome the modern alienation from Nature and from each other. Our excessive relationship with technology provides us a false sense of freedom and determination. Traditions, communities, attitudes and practices should change and evolve over time. Our personal and collective Autonomy is directly related to the continuity of the species. Autonomy and Potentiality, together corresponds to a sustainable community. Which then provides new meaning, freedom, responsibility and intimacy with other living beings.


When we think of capital, we most often imagine money and wealth. But what about Social Capital? Forms of capital that we cannot value in dollars or numbers. Capital which is organic and abundant and can be totally shared.

Social Capital includes knowledge, experience, time, emotion and kinship. Call it Living Capital. The values which naturally empower us in terms of Autonomy as well as create a human-to-human Cashless Economy.


The objective ​as an open source organization, is our increased​ ability​ to serve the community.​ An integration of sustainable enriching practices via Ecology, Music and Autonomy. We thank you, for being part of this journey and transition. 


End of Module#7 by SEED. Open-source Systems.

Designed and compiled by Applied Sound & Ecology. 2023


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