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​Welcome to a new direction that combines ecology, music and autonomy, for young artists and innovators from India. Pragmatic, open-source learning and knowledge. Create new kinship with your environment and culture. ​Imagine, empower and govern your future!


We have combined the above disciplines, creating an experience that is pertinent and valuable for the emerging future.

Why Ecology, Music and Autonomy?
These three disciplines are interconnected. Each discipline impacts our ability to lead better and richer lives. Also as diverse practices and careers. Weaving together as a living system, which is sustainable, rewarding and commonly shared.



Acquire 200 hours of FREE peer reviewed knowledge with SEED modules + open-source web resources.
▸ Autonomy of your career.
▸ Building blocks of ecology and a 'planet first' lifestyle.
▸ Conceptual, technical and aesthetic practices based on music and sound.

Objective? expanding our 'capacity' to imagine, navigate and govern better.

Modular in nature and open-source, where you determine what is important for you!

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On Ground (Residency)

Transition towards resilient and sustainable lifestyles​.​​ ​Ecological justice and investment. Create active interventions with open-source practices. Build and collaborate on systems which facilitate autonomy and equity. ​​​ Explore music, in terms of it's social, psychological, emotional and technological value. Participatory methods that enable and empower individuals or groups. A community, which is enthusiastic and pragmatic. Inclusive and interdisciplinary!


Spend 3 days at an amazing location (25 hours of interactive sessions, hands on learning and expert presentations). P2P networking. Individual guidance and strategy building for participants.

See you at SEED 2023!



Young people in India, across disciplines and professions are the stakeholders of the incoming future. Hence, the progressives ones adapt and transition, towards sustainable lifestyles, careers, culture and new ways of thinking. Invest in systems and institutions, moving towards a world 'prepared' for the challenges ahead.

Ecology - Children, teenagers and youth are Increasingly aware of the grave risks posed by global warming, climate change and industrial civilization. Yet, they are also the first to face the challenges and opportunities of the near future. Ecology is a form of universal justice.

Music - That embodies relationships, experiences, communities. Music is the host for commonly shared cultures. As a practice and experience, music contains tremendous social, psychological, emotional and technological value. Step beyond the mainstream, delve into new experiences!

Autonomy - Investing in our capacity to make informed, uncoerced decisions. As individuals and as members of a given society, we strive for greater independent and self-governing systems. Practices, philosophy and technology of autonomous states. Systems thinking and evolution.


Transition of the individual and the extended community!

Mutual aid and interaction equates to community, leading to greater autonomy and diversity within the ecosystem you belong to. Think inter-generational and poly-cultural. We are interdependent as a species - at a planetary level as well as extended family. Create new kinship with your ecosystem. Divest from systems deliberately constructed for human beings to compete. Invest in relationships, generosity, exchange, mutual aid and care. SEED is one such gateway for you!

Pro Feedback

With our world in transition, we need new ideas, events and collective energy. SEED is a zone, where Indian artists and professionals can create unique pathways and opportunities - empowering the individual and the ecosystem. I'm on!"

NAVEEN DESHPANDE (Director / Founder - Mixtape and Ground Control)


"SEED is forward motion, a direction for learning, regeneration and evolution. A way to reach continuously towards a better self. I believe that, artists, professionals and innovators also need progressive insight and knowledge."

VISHAL DADLANI (Bollywood Composer)


“Nature has always been my source of inspiration. Hence, I love that SEED connects one of the most influential human creations - Music, to nature (Ecology). In our tribe, warriors4elements we orchestrate natural laws in business and lifestyle, leading to a path of transformation."

ALIKI KO (Co-founder Warriors4Elements)


"Artists influence people’s thoughts and attitudes, which impacts society. SEED is a much-needed platform, given the big ecological predicament we all face. Especially for India, SEED is setting a whole new agenda and direction."

VISHWARAJ MOHAN (CEO / Founder - Counter Culture India)


I think SEED is an amazing initiative to empower artists and allow them to connect with nature and ecosystems. Nature is a source of inspiration and healing. Something all artists need in the world today. I’m looking forward to seeing this program grow!”

Ritnika Nayan (MGMH, CD Baby)


"Seed is doing vital work, precisely the sort of work we all need to do if we are to survive. My best wishes to this new effort."

Derrick Jensen (Award Winning Author, Environmentalist)

Pro Feedback

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"Imperative for us as a species, to individually and collectively divest from certain existing paths and economic structures. Deliberately abandon customary maxims - the dogma of more and more, further and faster... That wealth and the constant growth of capital cannot deliver the promise of happiness and a stable future"
Donna Haraway (2018)

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