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Knowledge  Innovation  Transition

To put it simply, SEED is an interdisciplinary transition. New kinship with nature, organisms, people and the arts. We are investing in stronger ecosystems, greater autonomy and new possibilities in music.

The objective ​as a non​-​profi​t organization is our increased​ ability​ to serve the community.​ Planting 'seeds' (objectives) that positively impact our lives and the world we belong to. Check the 'Foresight and Synthesis' model below, as a visual representation of our thinking and production.

Specifically, we asked ​ourselves​,​ what an ideal ​space, community and location should accomplish and what would it look like​? New pathways  based on knowledge, innovation and transition. Based on intergenerational participation, towards a 'prepared world' for the challenges ahead.

Blurry Lights

We believe that we cannot create systemic shifts without the necessary intelligence, ideas and narratives, that are life-centric. All such life bearing qualities that make us interconnected, mutually reinforcing, experimental, playful and evolutionary.




Samrat B a.k.a Audio Pervert, is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Valencia, Spain. A musician, DJ, curator and writer, he is connected in myriad ways with the global music culture for about 25 years. Born in New Delhi India, ​as an electronic musician, he has collaborated artists and institutions based in India, Germany, China, Norway, France, Spain and Switzerland. Evolving further, he is dedicated to Ecology and Climate Justice. "My artist identity is a fusion of music, talent synthesis, feminism and ecology,"



Naveen Deshpandey heads Mixtape, one of India's leading artist management agencies. He has also founded 'Ground Control' - a stage and lights production unit, for all types of performance based arts. With more than 10 years of experience in artist development, touring, festivals and market expertise, he currently lives in Goa. "Understanding the Indian music landscape, helps us develop and lead the right alliances with artists, clients and events..."



Ritnika Nayan heads Market Development for CD Baby India and is the founder of Music Gets Me High. In her 20 years of experience in the industry she has worked with artists, festivals, organizations, written books and actively engaged in education and empowerment. An award winning professional, she is also dedicated to mental health and wellness of the artist.



Rohan Kulshreshtha is a musician, curator and digital developer based in New Delhi. Starting out at the grassroots, he has organized concerts, raves, festivals and successful indie bands for more than 10 years. Currently he is vested in developing Blockchain based platforms, NFT and digital communities on the internet. "The transition to new systems and forms of distribution, for artists and consumers, is inevitable..."



The community at SEED consists of a network, made of creative, professional and curious people. From India and outside. Intersectional and multi-disciplinary, the facilitators and experts are collectively shaping the content, online modules and open source intelligence.

Abstract Lights

At SEED, we are integrating a diverse bunch ideas, practices and skills from a wide range of experts, institutions as well as new artists. We are open to all the potentialities that 'nest in the spirit' of the individual. What about you? If you wish to collaborate or volunteer, just send us an email outlining what you have in mind. We will respond real soon ❤️

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