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Hello and welcome! Innovating further, we have created ​a robust new info-graphic format. ​A​ ​u​ser-friendly interface which encapsulates Ecology, Music and Autonomy. ​​This module puts equal emphasis on all three disciplines.​​​ ​​​​Jump to any section using the links below.​

You can also download a PDF at the end of the page.​


We encourage participants to create their unique trajectories. Hence allocating time, effort and resources effectively, as per individual capacity and aspiration.

The three sections are marked E, M and A.

Total Learning Time : 30 hours


Ecology. Keywords : Eco-justice, Entitlement, Lifeforms, Rights, Habitats, Adequate,  Safe, Regeneration, Just World, Species, Bio-physical Limits, Science, Ideas and Practice. Lets deepen our relationship with nature, the ecosystem and science. New Roles And Directions For Us Within Ecology.

Ecological justice is a resolution, which includes all living entities. All lifeforms have entitlements. Right to adequate, safe and regenerative habitats. This is not a matter of moral or personal debate, as the current COVID pandemic clearly illustrates the need for action, towards a 'just world'  - that situates humans within nature. We as a species have gone over the 'bio-physical limits' of the planet.

If the belief in a 'Just World' was created for humans to feel more comfortable with the universe and its capriciousness, it would not be a matter of great concern for scientists, philosophers, artists, activists, lawyers and the public at large. Hence a 'Just World' theory stems from 'World Hypothesis - has immense social implications, which can positively impact our ecosystems, living entities and the regeneration of life of earth. What do you think?

New voices, interventions, myth-busting and peer reviewed science. Build your objective knowledge and resilience!


END OF ECOLOGY SECTION. A clear and strong message is required here. Present in maximum three lines. The emphasis should be towards ecological justice.


Every type of environmental activism and action has it's inherent pros and cons, however bearing a positive impact against the forces (man made and natural) which are destroying life on earth. The table below provides clarity about the risks, rewards, potential and social impact. Apply your objectivity and commitment!

Ecology is a vast area of learning, rehabilitation and celebration! At SEED we believe that the practice is key to preserve and protect our ecosystems. Create new kinship with non-human living entities and the ecosystem that we belong to.


Music. Keywords : Diversification, Objectivity, Technology, Economy,  Independent, Creativity, Ontology, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual, Landscapes, Definitions, Frequency, Pitch, Time.

Explore Emerging Realms Of Music, Tech, Psychology

A musician's world is impacted by rapidly changing technologies. However that does not guarantee stability of career or economic success. Objective targets backed by diversification, form the building blocks of a healthy and creative career. The emerging landscape of music is about social impact, innovation and creating unique experiences. The convergence of technology, ideology and personality. Where do you imagine yourself as an artist?

Music creates it's own ontology -  remaining autonomous and open to each artist's interpretation and output. The mainstream ideology is contrary to autonomy and diversity. We have added a new section featuring a range of new practices within music by exemplary personas and exciting open-source technology. Ready?


The table below is a comparative analysis of artist identities. While each has it's inherent advantages and pitfalls, the objective is to navigate the music ecosystem as effectively possible. External prospects and limits. Stable and unstable economies versus extent of artistic freedom. What works for you career trajectory?


People often speak of imagination and creativity. The general conclusion being both are the same thing. However the two words signify important aspects of our thinking mind. We apply Creativity to something relevant, working to achieve some goal, no matter how frivolous it may be. On the other hand, Imagination is the capacity that hosts our ability to be creative. Think of creativity as the younger kin of Imagination!

Perhaps all of the greats in music history were both imaginative and creative: They each had minds that manifested creativity in as many possibilities as their imagination could!

Music embodies relationships, experiences, communities and commonly shared cultures. At SEED, we believe that music as a practice, has tremendous social, psychological, emotional and technological value.


Autonomy. Keywords : Capacity, Status, External, Internal, Moral, Social, Economic, Degrees, Freedom, Process, Introspection. Lets define the personal and external realms where autonomy can be practiced.

Deep Learning Autonomy

There are two basic aspects of functional autonomy. The first is about having the capacity to be responsible and be able to speak for oneself - a status that points to higher forms of autonomous agency. The second aspect is the capacity to create autonomy at an economic, cultural and social level, where the individual is not adversely effected by manipulation as well as  self-distorting influences. In both cases, self-reflection and objective analysis is necessary.

Autonomy can be viewed as a degree of independence. No one is born autonomous, regardless of their privileges or the lack of. Reality shows us that some people achieve more autonomy than others - but that even the most autonomous among us actually have little freedom, when facing powerful adversaries (systems, organizations, social, moral, political etc). Thus building autonomy is a continuous process, where the individual is striving towards increased freedom and better decision making capacity. Autonomy is kin to Anarchy (etymology: Greek - meaning 'self rule')


The table below is a comparative analysis of popular Autonomous Practices. The objective is to bring clarity at an individual level. Sustaining the models is a matter of time and dedication. The models are not mutually exclusive nor complete, and can co-exist depending on your aspirations and objectives. What form of autonomy works for you?


The success and relevance of autonomous practice is measured against a given challenge. The 'challenge' itself contains the clues, about what actions are necessary to succeed. At SEED, we understand the need to build Autonomy with diverse practices and objectives. Hence, Autonomy can also impact our Ecology and Music. Weaving together as a living system, which is sustainable and commonly shared.


By working directly with scientists, environmentalists, artists, innovators, academics and experts, we ensure that our content is veritable and of the highest quality. By working directly with you, we amplify curiosity, knowledge and transition.

End of Module#4 by SEED.

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