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Music by nature is autonomous, androgynous amorphous!

Music embodies relationships, experiences, communities and commonly shared cultures. This sets music apart from the other arts, which rely upon the outside world, external perspectives. However, music is also an universal language, which unites and motivates people.
At SEED, we know that music as a practice contains tremendous social, psychological, emotional and technological value. To navigate and utilize new realms in music, one has to step beyond the mainstream definitions (limits) of music and the musician. Ready?


The table below depicts four aspects of a professional musician. Each role is interconnected to the other. The objective is to step beyond what has 'already been achieved'. While industry demands repetition of skills, the individual artist is capable of more. The element of innovation leads to new experiences and new sources of work. Four unique ways to grow!

Music invented in the moment of performance, is called improvisation. The skill is regarded as a honed skill reserved for expert musicians. Yet we clearly know that improvisation is a natural, widespread behavior. Improvisation is common in many of the world’s musical traditions. Example young children often sing novel songs or rework familiar songs spontaneously. (


Many people turn to music as their creative outlet. An universal means of expression that allows people to tap into their imagination. Once you train yourself, to identify how imagination and creativity effects music, you’ll begin to realize their presence (or lack of) in every aspect of artistic behavior.


Music is not like a foreign language that requires an expert to translate it for a given audience. It is a universal tongue. It either speaks to each listener directly, or it does not speak to her / him at all. Music creates it's own ontology -  remaining autonomous and open to each artist's interpretation.


'Selling out' and debates about the boundaries of cultural autonomy play a pivotal role in music, as heard in rock, punk, indie, rap, electronic etc etc. In this article, we explore how mainstream music been shaped by info-tech, market competition and globalization during the past 20 years.


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